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Monday, March 30, 2009

105 days old...

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Brief update:
  • The absolute shortest time frame we're looking at, to bring Connor home, is 2 weeks. Oh, how I'd love to have him home by Easter! (But, I'm not holding my breath...)
  • All of the doctors and nurses are impressed with how quickly Connor bounced back from this latest infection. SO GLAD they caught it when they did! I know he wants to come home as badly as we want him to...
  • "Graduating" to the step-down NICU side isn't so much real progress as it is a need for space for sicker babies in the Level III NICU. Yay for Connor for being one of the more stable ones for once! He moved back over last night. It's not a window seat and the chairs are crappy, but it's just going to be temporary, right??
  • Baby boy is 8 lbs, 5 oz and 19.7" long. This puts him right around the 50th percentile on the preemie growth charts (meaning 50% of preemies his age are bigger, 50% are smaller).
  • His feedings are currently alternating between regular preemie formula and Pregestimil. He HATES the Pregestimil, so they've agreed to NG feed him those feedings.
  • Right now he's at 40ml per feed... but for his PO feedings (by mouth) he's allowed to take as much as he wants, even above 40ml. Would be awesome, but...
  • Connor has really bad reflux... he spit up at both of his feedings this morning. Luckily, his Reglan started back up at noon.
  • They've agreed that he needs to get his circumcision done... SOON. (Seriously, what baby isn't circumcised by the time he's 4 months old??) The sooner the better... the less chance he'll remember it. Once he comes off of his IV nutrition, they'll do it. This way he'll be all healed up by the time he comes home.
  • Connor was gifted a blue Michigan teddy bear by his social worker today - very cute... Grandpa Sprik would definitely approve! Hopefully this won't irk his favorite doctor too much... he's a Wildcat.
That's it for now... back to the hospital for his 4pm feeding.


Hayley said...

i realize i'm crazy, but 8 pounds seems huge! mind you, i was born weighing almost 2 pounds more than that... but he's come such long way!

there is some good news in this - gotta see the positive side, right? it really does seem like we're moving in the right direction, slowly but surely. man, i love that little guy so much!

jen nelson said...

We are so excited to hear the good news that Connor is doing better. He is so strong!! It is good to hear they have a projected time for Connor to go home!! He is getting so BIG. Can't wait to hear more great news!

Christy said...

My babies aren't circumcised.

rae said...

OMG... he is HUGE! WTG Connor. Sam got his circ. at 6 months at the same time they reversed his colostomy and he still weighed less than 9 pounds at that time. At the age he is at they may very well sedate him for the procedure... so see it there are any other tests, blood work etc that can be done at the same time... kind of like 2 birds for 1 stone. He is looking great... can't wait to hear that he will be going home!

Jiles Pfamily said...

he is so cute! i am a happy to hear about his quick recovery from the infection. we love you guys!

Scott said...

Wait... when was his orig due date? Isn't/Wasn't it like in a few days? How can a 8 lbs baby be at 50%?

Circumcise him for sure but no before and after pics please!

All us gents (or most of us) will all have to re-live that repressed trauma then!

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