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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Born to be wild... AND talented!

For any of you that know my mother, you may know that despite her self-deprecating nature, she's quite creative and talented. A few days after Connor was born, she set out to make a special quilt to cover the top of his isolette in the NICU. She planned for it to be completely light-proof (nice and dark to protect from the bright lights of the hospital), the right size to cover the top and sides of the isolette, and something that he'll be able to use once he comes home. Sadly, my sewing machine was not quite tough enough to complete the project in its final stages, so she took it home with her to finish.

Connor's grown too big to be in the isolette now, but he'll be back in one next week for surgery. We'll be taking this cute quilt in for his recovery:

Did you also know she poses for pictures on motorcycles???

Friend CA with Mom on the back

Sorry, Mom! Could.not.resist! ;)


Darrin said...

That is so cute---your mom is very talented. But, I knew that already! :)

tiburon said...

That is adorable!

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