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Saturday, February 21, 2009

68 days old...

Sometime last night, Connor pooped!
Oh happy day! ;)

If it weren't for his eye surgery on Sunday, they would probably begin feeding him soon. But, with that scheduled, it's better that we not rock the boat too much. So for now, we'll sit tight and celebrate this latest development. (Can't believe I'm so giddy about poop!)

Connor's still on regular doses of morphine, but his pain seems to be much less - he's been more alert and calm. He's still on the ventilator, but I would imagine he'll be weaned from that fairly soon (a couple of days) after surgery. Once he's off the vent, we'll be able to hold him again... man, it's been a long week!

As for his prognosis after the surgery, it's likely he will need glasses... but there's no guarantee. We're not concerned - Emery pretty much rocks his glasses, and Connor will, too!

We're a little anxious for Sunday, but we'll feel much better when it's all behind us. Crossing our fingers that this is the last major hurdle for our little boy. Thanks so much for your continued prayers.


Christy said...

YAY FOR POOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is totally awesome, especially since he has been getting all that morphine - that stuff will make you constipated.

Nate and Kelly said...

What a happy moment!! And what a nice shout-out to Emery. We love glasses around here... so happy overall to hear the news. I think about you all the time and love the updates. I heart you!!

rae said...

Yea!!!!! Sam has Hirschsprung's disease and ended up loosing nearly all of his large intestine... so I know what a big deal POOP is. Yipeee! So happy for you guy and I am sure Connor is happiest of all!

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