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Thursday, February 19, 2009

66 days old...

Never thought I'd be so anxious for POOP!

Still nothing to report in that department, but there have been other developments the past few days since surgery...

Connor had another eye exam this morning, and his ophthalmologist has determined that laser surgery will be necessary. Right now, the plan is for early Sunday morning, unless there are complications getting the OR scheduled and a surgical team assembled. (There's some talk that if things don't work out at Rush-Copley, they might transfer him to Lutheran... which we don't want to see happen at all.) The whole procedure should take less than 3 hours, and Connor will have to be put under and on the ventilator. So, where they might have extubated him before the weekend, they're just going to leave it in until after the procedure. We're not thrilled with this latest development, of course, but not treating him could lead to blindness.

Mostly Connor's just been hanging out - hopped up on regular doses of morphine to manage his pain, and sleeping a lot. He's peeked at us a few times, and will let us touch him, but only briefly. He can't handle much stimulation right now, due to pain, so we've kept our visits a little shorter than usual. His incision has opened up a bit and began oozing, but after what happened last time that led to needing a wound vac, they seem to be watching him a little more closely. It's been a long week so far, with Connor being sedated the whole time.

Currently, Connor is 5 lbs, 9 oz (a good portion of that being fluid retention after surgery) and 18" long. Can't even imagine how fast he'll be chunking up once he's able to start eating!

So, we're hoping that a week from now is a totally different story... off the vent, back in the open crib, less pain, awake, and POOPING!


kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Isn't it crazy how you could hope so bad for pooping. ahhhh parenthood. I hope he does well. Little Connor is still in my prayers. :)

Poage Perspective said...

Thanks for the updates. We're thinking of you!

Hayley said...

pooping - it's not polite to talk about, but we all need to do it!!! i hope things go well! i love the pictures, he's absolutely adorable!!! and i am so excited about his weight - he's getting big!

Christy said...

It's true pooping anf farting are the key to making sure the body is doing what it should.

Here's to poop.

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