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Friday, February 13, 2009

60 days old...

Jazz Hands / Spirit Fingers - February 12, 2009

Word from the ophthalmologist this morning is that Connor's ROP is stable, but he's showing very early signs of Plus disease. For now, he'll hold off on Connor's eye surgery, and examine him again in one week on Monday morning. I suppose it's good news that he doesn't need emergency eye surgery, but the diagnosis of Plus disease is worrisome.

An excerpt from the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus:

What is plus disease?
As ROP advances, the normal blood vessels enlarge and become twisted. This is known as plus disease.

What determines whether ROP requires treatment?
The severity of the ROP is determined by the stage of the ROP, the presence or absence of plus disease and the location of the disease within the eye. When ROP reaches a certain level of severity, the possibility of a retinal detachment becomes greater and the disease should be treated. The most recent recommendations suggest treatment of ROP when the disease reaches the following levels of severity:
1) zone I disease of any stage when plus disease is present,
2) zone I disease, stage 3 without plus disease, and
3) zone II disease that is stage 2 or 3 with plus disease.

For now, we hope and pray that the ROP / Plus disease does not progress any further, but begins to resolve itself. His nurse said this morning that it's entirely a possibility and she's seen it happen before... just like how his IVH developed, got worse, and then cleared up.

So, no dual surgeries on Monday - just his gut surgery in the afternoon... which still looks to be on, no more delays.

We're looking forward to a quiet weekend, spent visiting our little one...

Getting to know the goatee - February 12, 2009


tiburon said...

He is adorable. I will keep everything crossed about the Plus disease.

Keep us posted on the surgery...

Scott said...

It's "Spirit Fingers"! From that sappy teen cheer leading movie.

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