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Thursday, February 12, 2009

59 days old...

I wanted to document the many, many tubes and wires
that is all that Connor's known in his life so far... I thought I'd share.
Click on the image above to read the text a little easier.

UPDATE: As of tonight, Connor weighs 2128 grams or 4 pounds, 11 ounces! Way to GROW!

Here are the haps on Connor the past few days:

Monday was pretty much a downer of a day... his gut surgery was postponed, which was heartbreaking because every delay means just that much longer that he stays in the hospital. We went to visit him, and with his surgery being called off at the last minute, his nurse hadn't had a chance to pull him out of the isolette (prepped for surgery). Talk about deja vu in a bad way... the sight of him back in the box reminded us too much of where we used to be with him, just two weeks ago.

Later that day, we spoke with his ophthalmologist who informed us that his ROP has progressed from a Stage 2 to a Stage 3. (Read more about ROP here, here, and here.) Tomorrow, if his ROP has continued to progress negatively, his doctor will determine if laser surgery is needed (involving intubation and anesthesia).

His Monday night nurse mentioned that perhaps they'd be able to piggyback his surgeries on this upcoming Monday (Feb. 16) - which would mean just 1 trip to the OR, 1 intubation, and once under anesthesia. Doctors at the NICU have been helping to facilitate conversations between his pediatric surgeon and his ophthalmologist, who have agreed to work together if it's possible. Just today, the ophthalmologist mentioned that perhaps the topical steroids he'll be using in the eye surgery would poorly affect the healing he'll be doing after his gut surgery. Since his need for the eye surgery (preventing potential eye damage and blindness) trumps the somewhat "elective" nature of his gut surgery, he definitely undergo the eye surgery before Monday. We're not sure yet what this might mean in further delaying his gut surgery, but they should tell us more tomorrow.

Other than these complications this past week, Connor has been doing great! By Tuesday, his tests were all showing much improvement related to any infections they feared were brewing. All of his counts have returned to normal or near normal levels, and blood cultures have shown no signs of fungus or bacteria in his blood.

We also received awesome news on Wednesday regarding his IVH - nonexistent on one side, and negligible on the other - so much better than what we heard initially! Doctors are no longer concerned about this IVH issue, and will follow up with a standard MRI just before discharge.

Grandma & Grandpa Sprik came to visit over the weekend, and lots of time was spent snuggling with Connor. His Sunday day nurse (one of our favorites) even broke the rules and allowed all 4 of us at his bedside (the rule is only 2) for an hour or so while Connor got a bath.

All in all, he's had a pretty good week. As he gets older, we experience longer and longer periods with him awake, alert, and completely content... such bliss!

Tomorrow will bring us the news regarding his ROP... we're both anxious and nervous for what this will mean for his schedule of surgery. I'll try to post a quick update over the weekend, as we learn what's going to happen.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers in Connor's behalf... we've already witnessed them in action!

Cozied up to Daddy - February 5, 2009

Peeking at Grandma Sprik - February 7, 2009

Wide awake! - February 7, 2009

Making faces at Grandpa Sprik - February 7, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa Sprik - February 7, 2009

Peek-a-boo with Grandma Sprik - February 8, 2009

A few blissful hours, tube-free - February 9, 2009

Quite the charmer - February 11, 2009

Cuddling with Daddy after his bath - February 11, 2009


Nate and Kelly said...

oh aimee, he's beautiful!! I'm thinking about your family and hope this weekend goes well. We love you!

veronica said...

Thanks for the diagram. You have skills! Looks like something out of a textbook, only cuter! :)
He is getting so big!
Hope everything goes flawlessly these next few days.
Still praying for you!

Audrey said...

I LOVE how chubby his cheeks are! I just want to pinch them off!! Good idea on the diagram. I might have to steal your idea. :) Congrats on the IVH ordeal! SUCH good news!

Christy said...

He's so cute!

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