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Monday, February 16, 2009

2 months old...

Two months old today... and a very big day for Connor.

Early this morning, the ophthalmologist stopped by for another exam. One of Connor's eyes is showing some slight growth improvement, but it's looking like he may need the laser eye surgery after all. This procedure is far less invasive than today's, but he will still travel to the OR and be sedated and intubated for it. The ophthalmologist will reexamine him on Thursday, and surgery will likely happen on Monday.

Connor was nearly 5 lbs, 2 oz going into today's surgery... a pretty great fighting weight, wouldn't you say? Around 6:30am they intubated him, and by 8:00am he was in the OR. The OR nurse was really conscientious this time to give us a call each hour to update us on the surgery status and how he was doing. Great piece of mind (as much as can be expected anyway, when your baby is in surgery).

The surgery went very well - the upper part of his intestine was successfully reattached as it was, but the lower was resectioned in 2 places. There was a stricture, just as suspected, at the top part of his lower stoma... but a blessing in disguise, since it kept him from feedings prior to surgery. During exploration, a perforation was found a little further down - the spot of the second resection. If feedings had begun, Connor likely would have become quite sick and required emergency surgery. Sometimes, everything seems to happen for a reason.

We were able to see Connor around 11:00am. They kept him pretty sedated today so he can rest, and for now he'll remain on the ventilator. Hopefully they'll start weaning him in the next day or so., and move him back into an open crib. He'll be receiving pain meds regularly for 24-hours, and after that they'll reassess his needs. He's also a little swollen, but that's to be expected after surgery.

Once they notice a return of bowel function, likely in 5-7 days, Connor will be reintroduced to his feeds. Today was a major hurdle at the tail end of this roller coaster. And all in all, he's doing really, really well!

We're planning on a quiet few days, allowing Connor to rest up and heal, in preparation for FOOD (our next big step) in about a week.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers... we've never felt so loved.

Eyes wide open... fully enjoying his "spa" (bath) experience - February 15, 2009

So fresh... so clean! - February 15, 2009

Our sleepy boy, a short time after surgery - February 16, 2009

Grandma Rogers's quilt, right where it should be - shading the isolette,
as part of Connor's recovery - February 16, 2009


veronica said...

I'm so glad everything went well yesterday!
I love the "2 month" picture!

Nate and Kelly said...

Great news Aimee!! I'm so glad to hear things are looking good for FOOD. What an exciting prospect. Sending lots of love your way...

Christy said...

Yay for things getting better.

I LOVE that picture of him with the stuffed toy! SO CUTE!

KrisRogMacK said...

Glad to hear they caught that hole. Connor doesn't need anything else to go wrong! He is looking so healthy and what a cutie!

I keep meaning to call you. We were thinking of coming the end of April unless that's too soon for visitors, if not April, then it will have to be June or July?

Megan B ♥ said...

Happy birthday, Connor! Oh, I hope his bowels wake up quickly. Waiting for Crew's bowels to be ready to eat when his stomach was already up and running was hard to watch! He was so hungry and didn't understand this new hunger sensation!

Bryan and Yvonne said...

You don't know me, I am a neighbor to Dale and Sue our son's name is Conner also). I had asked just resently if they were grandparents yet and they told me the their grandson was born very early. They made sure I came in their home to show off the pics they had on the fridge. He is a darling baby! A miracle child! I pray that he will continue making improvements each and every day.

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