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Friday, January 02, 2009

18 days old...

Connor being comforted by Daddy - December 30, 2008

New Year's Eve brought an unwelcome surprise in the course of Connor's care. Doctors approached us upon our daily arrival to the hospital to say it was time for our baby boy to face surgery due to NEC. Day after day, he had needed to receive platelets transfusions, and they were afraid that sections of his bowel were actually dead and the low platelets levels were indicative of the situation.

A short two hours later, Connor was on the operating table and we waited nervously for the next three hours for word of his condition. He endured surgery well, no situations arose. Sadly, they had to remove 20cm of his intestines, roughly 1/3. He currently has an ostomy, which will be repaired in time, likely before he leaves the hospital.

While we're not sure what this situation will mean for him long-term, the next several days and weeks will be quite telling. So far he has been very stable, and his labs and other tests have all come back favorable. The nurses and doctors have been monitoring him very closely since surgery, and are still impressed with how strong he is. We pray that he continues to improve, and that they're able to restart his feedings soon.

We're so grateful for the quick response of our home teachers to the hospital. One of them was able to swing by our home to pick up my mom and make it to Connor's bedside for a blessing, with incredibly short notice. We know Heavenly Father is watching out for our little boy, and offering us great comfort.

Connor, post-NEC surgery (a bit swollen, which is normal) - January 1, 2009

Now hanging at Connor's bedside

On a lighter note...

The only time in his life that back hair will be cute...
lanugo - December 30, 2008

My first "real" shopping trip on New Year's Day, since this saga began.
Those big box stores are way too big for me to walk right now,

so I opt for a scooter along with the 90-yr-old ladies.

This is me trying to run away from the man with the camera.


Christy said...

Connor is precious! I am so glad you keep putting these updates on here. I think about you all a lot and you continue to be in our prayers.

btw I am so jealous of the scooter rides, I always want to ride them. Did you run annoying people over?

Nate and Kelly said...

Glad to hear that the surgery went well. Thinking about you--

p.s. I rented a scooter when erin and I went to disneyland while we were both pregnant-- they're life savers, aren't they?! :)

Darrin said...

We are praying for Connor---I'm so glad his surgery went well. Thank you for the updates, it is good to see how well he's doing. He looks so much like Brian, I think! We'll see after he gets all those tubes off, though. :)

BTW, the scooter is too funny!

Scott said...

Ummmmmmm, if I do recall, I had burned my face of with something and was healing at the time. Did we need to use the picture reflecting that? At your wedding? Connor remembers a much less red Uncle Scott.

Erika said...

Don't know if you remember my brother, Jonathan, but he was born with a knot in his intestine and had a colostomy for the first year of his life. The dead section of his colon was removed and we took care of his colostomy for many, many months. At a year old, his intestine was repaired and put back together. When he pooped a real poop for the first time, my family had a party!!! I tell you this because today Jonathan plays professional baseball and has NO long-term affects from his early problems. Keep the faith! Your testimony is awesome:) You, Brian, and Connor are in my prayers!

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

I too am glad for your updates. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

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