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Friday, January 16, 2009

1 month old...

Connor, 1 month old - January 16, 2009

Naturally, when I really want to get an update out, I'm suffering from a bit of writer's block! So, for now, we'll stick with a bulleted list.

This week was full of so much good news for our baby boy, including:
  • Continued healing of his wound. It's gone from over 3cm to about 1cm, and is closing up quite nicely. (As a parent, it's still hard to look at, but we're pleased at the progress of healing.) His nurses think the wound vac will be removed next week.
  • Doctors thought they detected a small heart murmur this week, so Connor underwent a second echocardiogram. Happy to report that his heart looks great, and he does not appear to have any PDA issues.
  • Being cautious, after finding gram negative rods (e. coli was found in his blood), Connor had to have a second spinal tap. Doctors were concerned that his infection could have become meningitis. Spinal tap was completed in record time, and came back totally clear.
  • He seems to have successfully beat his latest UTI, and we're grateful that it didn't get much farther. Three days of negative blood cultures, and the doctors think he's past the infection. He will remain on his 14-day cycle of antibiotics, just in case.
  • This week's cranial ultrasound showed some improvement regarding his IVH. His left side is now a Level II-Level I, and his right side is now a Level III-Level II.
  • Connor had an eye exam this week, and was diagnosed with ROP. The ophthalmologist characterized his condition just at a Level II. Most children diagnosed with Level II ROP improve with no treatment and eventually develop normal vision.
  • No longer a junkie, doctors decided Connor was well enough to go without regular, scheduled doses of morphine. As parents, we were naturally concerned that his pain level might be too high, but he's a pretty tough little boy, and has shown few signs of discomfort. It's also been fun to see him a little less sedated and more interactive.
  • On Wednesday, he was strong enough to come off of his ventilator and has been tolerating forced, humidified air through a nasal cannula very well. This development also afforded us the opportunity to finally hold our little one for the first time since Christmas Day (it had been 20 days)... talk about heaven! Today was especially joyous as Connor gave smile after smile while I was able to hold him. His throat is still a bit sore, so we aren't hearing much more than squeaks, but we can't wait until we hear his sweet cry again.
What a crazy ride this past month has been! We can hardly believe our baby boy was born a month ago... being so stressful and busy it has flown by, yet it has also been the longest month of our lives. Connor has been worth every single minute!

We never could get through all of this with the love and support we've felt from family, friends (both real and imaginary), church members, and colleagues. Our faith has grown immensely over the past month and we're so looking forward to the day we're able to bring Connor home. Much thanks to all of you for helping us to stay on our feet!

(Ha! So much for that writer's block...)

More pics for your viewing pleasure:

Connor & Grandma Rogers - January 12, 2009

"If you don't take this tube out, I'm going to do it myself!"
Connor, hanging on to his ventilator tube,
moments before extubation - January 14, 2009

Free at last!
Connor with a nasal cannula and a lot less tape on his face,
after being extubated from the ventilator - January 14, 2009

Heaven on earth!
Connor being held by Mommy for the first time
since Christmas (20 days later) - January 14, 2009

In the past few days, Connor has fallen in love
with his preemie-sized pacifier - January 15, 2009

Connor being held by Daddy,
and helping with his pacifier - January 15, 2009

Connor being held by Mommy - January 16, 2009


Audrey said...

Your little boy is beautiful! I'm so happy you got to hold him again! I can't wait to hold Darbi. They say right now that the least amount of stimulation is best for her right now. I'll also keep posted on your blog and keep you in my prayers! Your family is beautiful!

Jiles Pfamily said...

I am so happy to see you holding your sweet, strong boy. Thanks for keeping us updated on his progress. He is sure a fighter!

Christy said...

Your little family is amazing! I get misty eyed every time I read your blog. Connor is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Connor's one month birthday, so much has happened to the little guy in one month! I'm so happy that he is progressing and growing. Wonderful to see you both holding your baby!

Nate and Kelly said...

I cried-- I'm so ecstatic that you are able to once again hold your little one. What a wonderful update on his progress!!

tiburon said...

I am so glad to read good news! He looks so much better.

And you are looking good too :)

Poage Perspective said...

My eyes teared up seeing your sweet happy faces. I'm so happy for you all.

veronica said...

I love to read your updates. I'm so happy for you! And so excited to see that Connor is doing so well!

Darrin said...

You look so happy holding him---I'm so happy for you! He is a beautiful baby and I'm so glad to hear such great news. We pray for you and hope you're doing well through all of this.

Scott said...

Glad Connor got off the ventilator.

That was the hardest part for me to see :(

Having watched him for days without it then to see a machine move his tiny little chest up an down. No bueno.

In one of those pictures he looks JUST like his Dad!

Omgirl said...

I came over from Kami's blog, although I've been here before. but clearly, it has been a long time since last time I checked in you were still pregnant! I've spent a fun afternoon reading up on how everything has gone since Connor was born. I'm so glad to note his progress and see your strength. this is a tough job for a new mother, worrying so much about your tiny sweet baby. You both will be in my prayers!

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