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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"Shake it like a Polaroid picture..."

This will make you smile. Promise.

(As seen on Word to Your Mother.)


Anonymous said...

No, sorry, didn't make me even smile. I guess only young people find it humorous to see old people trying to act like young people. For example, the documentary "Young at Heart." Those octogenarians are popular because they sing and shake to raucous rock songs. Now, if they were singing the songs of their youth--rather than the songs of the current youth--that might be entertaining. I am definitely in favor of not acting one's age, after one reaches 55, or so.

I guess the appeal is the same as that of teaching toddlers to say swear words, or that of Francis the talking donkey.

Aimee said...

Perhaps, it's a generational thing, Dad! ;) I wouldn't say that these old people are trying to act like young people, they're just singing a young person's song.

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