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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

One for you... and one for you...

According to all of the latest news reports, I was apparently under the false impression that it's difficult these days for consumers to apply and receive credit. It seems that credit card companies still think I'm a good risk, because I receive, on average, 4-5 new credit card offers every week.

I've recently discovered a new way I can give back to the credit card companies, by taking advantage of the Postage Paid mailers they send with each offer. And, since it is now officially the season of giving, I'd better get cracking!

Go here to learn how you can use those prepaid mailers to send return packages to the oh so generous credit card companies and other junk mailers. I'm thinking rocks... or bricks, even. Maybe I'll just collect the offers from each company for a little while and return them back to their creators for recycling (with some additional weight, of course). The heavier the better, I always say! Plus, it'll help keep our postal costs low (with more money going to USPS from the offending companies)... which is what we need in this current economy. Do it for America.


Christy said...

My sister told me about a little number that is on the back of the pre-approved credit card offers. If you call it you can be removed from the list of people who get them... I did it and I get far less than I used to get.

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