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Sunday, December 07, 2008

The looming duration

So... still here. At least until Tuesday.

Sprik Sprout seems to be doing fine, and is even measuring about a week ahead of schedule. He's all pumped up on his 'roids, to help him as much as we can if he has to make an earlier appearance. Meanwhile, I'm still dilated, no change since yesterday. Hopped up on magnesium... (the exact definition of not.fun.) and hoping to come off of it tomorrow. Was able to begin my diet of clear liquids after 24 hours of nothing (cruel and unusual punishment for a pregnant woman!)... chicken broth and jello never tasted so good... for lunch AND dinner. Hoping to add crackers to the menu tomorrow. Broke up with the bedpan this morning (we had a hate-hate relationship going on) and fell in love with my catheter (TMI? Too bad... that's how exciting it gets around here.) If all goes well, I might be able to go home on Tuesday.

That's the good news.

The bad news? I think we're looking at bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy.

So we're digesting all of this, and trying to figure out what it all means for life moving forward, at least short term.

The last 10-14 weeks of this pregnancy are going to fly by, right??

P.S. I'm still going to try to stay up on my blog reading, at least for the short term. Can't say the same for commenting, but know that I'm enjoying every delicious word and fun pic you post. I have B's work laptop here in the hospital, but the WiFi is weak and sketchy. And at home, it's a desktop... will I be able to sit at the desk for short periods? Don't know yet... but I'm hopeful!

P.P.S. Don't know how much posting I'll be doing myself, under this new set of circumstances. I have a few in the can, and I'll try to publish updates as we have them for faraway friends and family... and anyone else who wants to read them. Thank you for your prayers, comments, e-mails, and calls thus far... it's appreciated more than you know!


veronica said...

I don't know you but I love to read your blog.
I will be praying for you and your sweet baby boy. Stay strong!

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Aimee....I'm so sorry to hear all this!!! The magneseium (sp??) is NO fun - I was on it too and I hear ya about the catheter. If it makes you feel any better I was THIS close to peeing in my bed on the mag without the catheter and no bed pan. ha! (TMI, but at least you get it). I will certainly be keeping you in my prayers. I was on bedrest as well and I know it can be really daunting. Just keep your head up and remember that this is just temporary. I'll have to call you within the next couple of weeks and check up on you. Take care and watch lots of good movies!!

Poage Perspective said...

I'm sorry Aimee. I'll be thinking of you. Keep a postive attitude. Love, Mel

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Ahhh...I know how this goes. I really feel your pain. I was on bed rest when I was pregnant with Avery from mid October to mid January. It was awful. Just know that I wish you the best and take care of yourself and that baby boy. They say a day in the womb is a week in the NICU. Avery was five weeks early and spent five weeks in the NICU. tough times. I remember I was awake at night and sleeping in the day...which is what you will probably do when he gets here anyway. Good luck and take care, I will be thinking of you. :)

Christy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your rough times! As though pregnancy doesn't drag on enough :(

I hope things get better and little one waits till he's fully cooked.

tiburon said...

Argh Aimee!! I am keeping you and the spawn in my prayers. I hope the let you go home early for good behavior!

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