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Monday, December 01, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

Lately, I've been a little obsessed with Holiday Advent Calendars.

I recently spotted this crafty and clever idea for Advent Boxes on {A}, and I think I could pull it off, too. See her tutorial here and here. I don't think I would be as brave as she was in pinning them to a wall (too much spackling afterwards!), but I can definitely envision them on an embellished corkboard.

Or, there's even the Stocking Garland Advent Calendar idea, as illustrated by Martha here. Fellow blogger, Dandee, pulled it off with great finesse as seen on this post.

I also adore the Advent Calendar Pockets that Jenny of Allsorts created and described here. No sewing machine necessary... that's my kind of project!

Wondering what you'd put in your advent calendar (besides treats, of course) if your family had one, too? Send me your e-mail - I have a couple of lists of ideas, activities, and scriptures to fill them with.

Having an advent calendar is one of the many family holiday traditions I'm planning for in a few years.

One tradition I've already begun collecting for is a Christmas Book A Day. The idea is to collect various holiday storybooks to read as a family for each of the days before Christmas. The Flowering Dogwood suggested here to individually wrap them, to make them even more fun.

Another tradition I'm gearing up for is the Christmas Elf. The idea is to invite an elf into your home prior to Christmas, for him to keep an eye on well-behaving children for Santa. The elf might leave surprises for the family, and each day the children will find him in the morning after his evening adventures. My mom introduced this idea to her fellow church ladies last year, and I've been collecting more information I'll want to use as part of our family's tradition. See more details online here and here. I picked up the perfect Christmas Elf at Tai Pan Trading while I was in Utah, and he's just waiting for a little one to interact with.

Brian and I have already been talking about how fun and more meaningful the Christmas season will be when we have a little family of our own. We can't wait!

Since I'm collecting ideas, do you have fun family holiday traditions you want to share? Tell me! Tell me!


Christy said...

Cute and fun! I love reading my little ones Christmas stories... I guess they aren't that little but they still sit there for story time at night.

The pocket advent calendar is my favorite... I may need to make one of those.

Poage Perspective said...

This is the first year IP decorated his own little Christmas tree. He was allowed to select a few decorations at Garden Ridge. He really loved having control of the whole decorating process. Even if you have multiple children, the cost of a tiny trees is about $13. Storage is the only limiting factor.

veronica said...

I've done the "Christmas Book Countdown" with my kids for the past 4 years and they still love it! We were a little strapped for cash back then so I spent two summers searching garage sales until I'd collected my 24 books. Even after 4 years of reading them it never gets old.

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

I've been obsessed lately with the advent canlendars as well!! I haven't bought one yet - maybe I'll attempt to make one like you. We'll see if I can find the time - I swear December FLYS by!!

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

I too love Advent Calendars. I also love the Christmas book every night idea too. So many great traditions this time of year. :)

tiburon said...

I have an advent calendar that I got at Costco and I love it. it is a wooden tree and it spins and the bottom holds an ornament for each day. You put one ornament on the tree every night and then the tree is full on Christmas. it is really cute :)

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