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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Celebrating Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary at Rush-Copley

Starting Monday evening, our situation took a turn in the wrong direction and Aimee began having contractions again and dilated even further. It was a long, long night and a druged-up Tuesday into Wednesday. Luckily the magnesium, which sent Aimee into the fog, helped stop the contractions and we could celebrate our 3rd anniversary together knowing we gave Sprik Sprout another day in the comfort of mommy's womb.

To all our faithful readers, please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. At times like these, it is amazing to realize the enormous support and love from co-workers, friends and family. As we take it day-by-day, we view each day as a blessing. Although we can't wait to meet this little boy, our son, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, we are putting all our anticipation and excitement into doing everything we and all of the wonderful, caring doctors and nurses here at Rush-Copley can to ensure his health and future.

With our deepest gratitude,
Brian & Aimee


Nate and Kelly said...

Aimee!! I just found out... hope you're doing ok. I'm thinking about you a ton and wish you success. sounds like you'll be watching lots of TV, so I also wish you all new Ellen's and Oprah's. reruns stink. :) hugs from us...

Christy said...

We'll keep you in our prayers.

Happy Anniversary!

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

oh no...I hope you can just take care of yourself.

ps. I liked reading your wedding tag. :)

Poage Perspective said...

Thinking of you guys!

ray said...

May your Sprout germinate until spring. In the meantime, try not to go insane. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brian and Aimee,
Happy Anniversary! It's so hard to believe that it has been 3 years.
We were unable to attend on the actual day but enjoyed the celebration that followed in Michigan; it was a beautiful reception...just perfect in every way.
We are so blessed to have you in our lives and look forward to meeting your precious son.
You are all in our prayers.
With Love,

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