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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Best. News. Ever.

Today was shaping up to be a pretty crappy day. By 4pm, I had run my second fever for the day, further pushing back any chances I had of making it into the NICU anytime soon. Lots of stress and drama over finding a new vein for an IV (I'm a hard stick, with tiny, deep veins that like to jump around, and I'm completely bloated from all the fluids they've been pumping into me). Lots of apprehension on my part over the PICC line insertion... I felt like I was committing myself to a long hospital stay, as the lines can remain in place for months on end. (Only bright spot... with a PICC line, that means no more IV movement, no more excruciating sticks for blood draws.) With each fever, I'm knocked flat on my back, glued to the bed, with an incredibly low tolerance for pain. Doesn't do much for the spirits or my mood. I'm lucky that Brian and Mom love me so much, to put up with my cranky weepiness!

Right now, we're hoping I'm home by Christmas, no more than 9 days after Connor's birth. I don't mind that I'll be spending every waking hour back here with him in the NICU, I just really want to sleep in my own bed, and enjoy the comforts of home. (And do you know how wearing regular clothes would boost me?? I'm so tired of it being Naked Aimee week again... I'm dying to have some modesty back!)

This evening, the infectious disease specialist came in to consult after perusing my chart. He's still not quite sure what's wrong with me... but believes he can adjust my antibiotics a bit (I'm currently on 3 different ones). He also thinks the fevers will start to wane from here on out, and just drop off. Potentially, he'll give me a CAT scan to rule out any sort of pelvic infection... but right now, not everything points to that.
But then, he also made my week...

Tonight, on his 4th day of life, I will finally have the opportunity to see and kangaroo hold Connor. Fever, or no fever (and currently it's above 101), he determined that I'm not a danger to my son, or any of the other preemies.
Less than 60 short minutes from now... and I.can't.wait!!!!

Didn't get a chance to actually hold Connor tonight... he was a little over-stimulated and having a hard time keeping his temperature up... but seeing him and touching him was beyond wonderful! We're going to try again tomorrow afternoon.
Here's his tiny little hand, as compared to his mom's swollen hand:


Jiles Pfamily said...

thanks for the update. you, connor and brian will be in our prayers. i am so happy that you will be able to hold your son. his story and strength is inspiring. love you guys, erin.

ray said...

What an amazing little boy!! And an incredible picture of his tiny hand. Hang in there, Aim. I wish I were nearby to hug you. Somehow superpoke doesn't quite cut it in this situation.

Labrum Family said...

What a beautiful baby Aime. Sounds like you are both fighters. I am glad you got to come home for Christmas. Merry Christmas.

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