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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

15 days old...

A quick update on Connor... I'll post more pictures later.

Since developing NEC last Friday, he continues to have regular x-rays that monitor his progress. So far, there's been no worsening of his condition... no change really at all. He's been stable, which is good. His metabolic acidosis has resolved itself. He continues to receive blood and platelets transfusions, which is directly correlated to his body's efforts to fight the NEC.

The IVH in his brain has shown some signs of improvement - the left side which was a Level I is now a questionable Level I, possibly nonexistent, and the right side which was a Level III has shown no change... but no worsening. He'll receive another cranial ultrasound next Monday.

One of the hardest things about his current condition, and being on the ventilator, is that we've been unable to hold him (since Christmas Day). It's also hard knowing that because of the ventilator, no one can hear him cry... to comfort him when he needs it. While we're there visiting, we're able to tell by his furrowed brow that he's upset, and can comfort him then, but my heart breaks thinking about the times when we're not there.

Connor is still receiving his nutrients intraveneously... they've stopped his feeds for the duration of the NEC. Despite all of that, he's grown 0.75" and gained 5 ounces over his birth weight. He is one strong and amazing little boy!

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to recover from the C-section. Everyday I get a little bit stronger... and a little more tuckered out! I had no idea recovery would be this difficult (of course, we've had all kinds of stress compounding the issue). Having my mom here with us has been such a huge help and blessing... we don't know what we'd do without her! It also helped immensely having family visit over the holidays - thanks for traveling long distances to spend time with us and Connor.

Brian's employer has been so supportive, caring, and understanding during this time. Plus, they've provided us with the amazing insurance policy that allows Connor to receive the care he's been getting. We feel blessed that Brian works for such a great company with such incredible people... and he really enjoys his job - a double bonus! After this week, he'll be easing back into things, as we develop a schedule to manage our new normal.

Words cannot express how much we appreciate all of your support and love! We apologize that we've been unable to respond to all of your messages individually, but we'll definitely try to keep you updated here on the blog. Your support, our faith in God, and our love for our young son are all that keeps us going right now. Please continue to remember little Connor in your prayers.


Nate and Kelly said...

oh aimee-- I love and pray for your family each day. please know there are many that love you and your new little one, even though we haven't been able to meet him yet. how wonderful to hear that he's growing and gaining weight. and thanks for the updates-- I check your blog daily!!

Poage Perspective said...

Know that we love you! Keep growing little guy.

Christy said...

Are love and prayers are with you!

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