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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up

On Thursday, we went straight from the airport
to Erik & Emily's place in Queen Creek.
We looked around their gorgeous new house on moving day,
and I discovered I'm allergic to their dog,
but mostly we admired Maddy's pigtails.

Friday night, the Rogers hosted a Rehearsal Dinner for the happy couple.
Dad eloquently reminded us of the history of the toast and offered well wishes,
and we laughed at Steve and Jeff arguing over who was really the best man.

Saturday was the main event!
Erik & Emily got married in Mesa,
and we were all wowed by her many talents
(she did all of the flowers herself, among other things).
The ceremony was sweet, the food was delicious,
the wedding party was dressed to the nines,
and my pregnancy cankles were in rare form.
The mosquitoes had fun, too -
but why did they only like the folks from Illinois??

Sunday evening, was a family get-together, minus the newlyweds.
We pretended it was Dad's birthday and played a game
(because that's about the only time we do so).
Later, we all sat around and stared at Maddy... admiring her mullet.

A wonderful time was had by all... and we definitely need a new camera!


tiburon said...

Oh that Maddy is a CUTIE!!

Your family is gorgeous :)

ray said...

Your mom looks like Julie Andrews. Your dad looks exactly like I remember him, just whiter (hair).

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