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Saturday, November 29, 2008

That's a relief!

Had another ultrasound yesterday...
He's definitely a boy!

Good thing, because that's pretty much
what we've been planning for the past month.


Kristen B. said...

The nursery looks so cute!!! I especially love the three little animal picutes and the mirrors with the animals on the side. And I totally did the same thing everytime I got an ultrasound - I was like can you please just make sure it's still a boy. haha!

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

What a cute room to welcome him home. I love the baby blue and red together...darling! Yay for boys!

Omgirl said...

LOVE that room. I love that you have all those colors with the light blue walls and light furniture. It's so refreshing and homey and cute.

Christy said...

CUTE! Boys are the BEST - you are going to love it! You are going to be the funnest mom :)

tiburon said...


Love what you have done :)

Nate and Kelly said...

Aimee! I love the nursery, probably because it looks like mine. :) You have GREAT taste... heehee

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