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Monday, November 03, 2008

Sprik Sprout's First Home Movie

Uncle Scott was kind enough to take the images and video from our ultrasound last Wednesday, and set them all to music.

So, we're pulling out the projector and screen to share with you our baby boy's first home movie...


He wasn't giving the tech the best angles during the hour-long ultrasound. And, he doesn't have much meat on him yet...

The imaging center that did this for us is brand new... and apparently 3-D images/video are part of their standard package these days.
Gotta love insurance!


Mindi said...

what a miracle!! i am always astounded when i see these--and the 3d option is awesome! towards the end it looks like he was sucking his thumb

Poage Perspective said...

What a wonderful gift from Scott!

Anonymous said...

My Grandson sure is a handsome fellow!!!! What a miracle of technology! Thank you, Scott.

Grandma Sprik

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