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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Black Friday

Happy to say that as of November 1st, I am 85% done with my Christmas shopping for this year, and 50% done with my Christmas wrapping. I know... I'm an over-achiever! (It also helped to take advantage of "free shipping" a la a trip to see the fam in Phoenix last weekend.) I think it comes from my single-girl paycheck-to-paycheck days when I needed to spread out my purchasing to afford Christmas each year... and I really just wanted to spend money on me at all the sales in December. ;)

Black Friday is in 3.5 short weeks...
If you're in the market to save some money this year (who isn't??), and you have the patience for it, there are several sites that can help you plan your strategery for that crazy day. My favorite is Black-Friday.net. Check it out, and enter your e-mail address for advance notice of the sales flyers before you receive them in the Thanksgiving paper.


Christy said...

I spend that day decorating the house. I got up early one year to do it but decided my sleep was more important to me than 10% off something I didn't really want but am too tired to think about. I haven't done any of my shopping yet but I have lots of ideas.

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