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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Big 5-0-0

This is it.
Post #500

I can't believe it.
I really can't believe that I had 500 things
I thought were worth saying on here
(at least at the time anyway).

I couldn't have done this without you,
my few, but faithful, readers!

Do you know how fun it is for me to see that you've read my blog?
Or how happy I get when I see I've got a new comment in my inbox?

Oh, how I wish I had the time, energy, and funds
to host an amazing giveaway!
But, I don't.
And that makes me sad.

Did you know that Thanksgiving is THIS weekend??
(Betcha didn't.)
At least here at the Sprik house it is...
We've got a family wedding...
And the in-laws are coming in...
Thanksgiving comes early this year.
(Which means happiness for Brian,
because he really enjoys our family tradition
of pizza on Thanksgiving Day.)

So, that means I'm busy!
And I really need to get off the computer...

But, not until I publish a few more posts,
and read a few more of your fun blogs,
and try to make some clever comments.

Thanks for your love...
(I know it doesn't come cheap. ;)


Mindi said...


and for the record: i am TOTALLY cheap. and easy.

Christy said...

I'm glad you like comments because that comment counter makes me feel like a stalker.

Christy said...

The one you used to have... awesome.

tiburon said...

I am cheap as well. Doesn't take much.

Enjoy your early turkey day!! :)

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