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Friday, October 10, 2008


My favorite cookie of all time... the bag I could eat in one sitting... is no more. {sniff}

Mother's Cookies is closing its doors
as of today and filing for bankruptcy.

So that means, no more Circus Animal Cookies for me... at least after I run out of the supply I'm running to the store to buy right now!

P.S. If you see some at your local store... and you really, really love me... feel free to send them my way. I would never be unhappy getting a care package! ;)

UPDATE - I did find some last night... but it's been awhile since I bought them - they can be found with the Archway cookies. Can't.wait.to.bust.that.bag.open!


Christy said...

That is sad... I too could eat a whole bag in one sitting, which is why I never buy them.

tiburon said...

Oh how sad is that!?

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