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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Re-capping my journey to the Promised Land

(Just kidding...)

It was wonderful!
It was glorious!
It was f
ull of fun!
It was

And now, I'm officially pooped! I must have been running on complete adrenaline all last week, because even though I was suffering from a sinus infection, I just kept going and going...

For four straight days, when I wasn't dragging my mom to every store or shopping destination I knew along the Wasatch Front, I had yummy lunch and/or dinner dates booked with old and new friends. I also got to visit with aunts, uncles, and cousins on the Buchmiller side of the family.

Mom and I were able to meet the world-famous Tiburon for lunch one day... so much fun! (And I have to admit, I was a wee-bit nervous... as if I was meeting someone I knew online... from back in the day.) Apparently, I was smart not to come empty-handed - I brought a small box of Frango Mints for each of my "dates"... packs better than flowers!

The next day I got to hang out with my old pal, Karen, for several hours... eating yummy breadsticks at Pizza Factory and getting all kinds of decorating inspiration from her beautiful home.

Later that evening, I met up with an old work buddy, Teresa at Brick Oven (yep, I can't get enough carbs these days! and I did always combine them with a salad ;) and saw the latest addition to her family of boys - Jaxon.

Thursday night was a barrel of laughs and mommy advice from Kelly and Erin at Rumbi. I seriously can't remember the last time I laughed that hard for so long! And I got to meet their new (and completely opposite) little ones, Emery and Jack.

Besides finding all sorts of goodies to bring home with me, I had so much success with MOTHER! She agreed to pose for a quick pic at Gardner Village - and I only had to ask once - there was no begging! (I know, AMAZING.) We also had a lovely time dress shopping with Grandma - both ladies found not one, but two dresses each at great sale prices (and it wasn't nearly as painful as they made it out to be).

The only downside of the trip was what was left at the car rental counter for me to drive... it was a minivan or this pimped out beauty. I was not at all pleased - didn't want the increased gas mileage, or the appearance of a mob member (I know... I do live in Chicago), and I didn't appreciate the filthy interior. At one point, after some mild morning sickness dry heaving, my mom asks to make sure I've brought a barf bag with me... I did... it's called this rental car. :) And, I'd like to bear my testimony that it helps to complain at the rental car return... I got a free day's rental out of the experience!

So, I've returned home with lots of birthday, holiday, and baby goodies and the essentials, like blueberry pancake mixes from Lehi Mills. But most of all, I have lots of fun memories!

The best part of my week was coming home to this:

Brian baked me a LAYERED German Chocolate Cake... all by himself... and it was such a sweet surprise! (I don't even bother with layered cakes!) The house was all clean, the mail was sorted, there were PRESENTS, and the Tivo was still full with all of my favorite shows.

What a wonderful homecoming!


Mindi said...

so glad you had fun and got to meet tib--i kinda dig that chick!

since i live in yewetah i have one of those magnet boards, and i love it.

ps that car is THE BOMB. you must buy. now.

tiburon said...

I am so glad we were able to meet up - and that you had such a great trip.
And cake waiting when you got home?!?!? That is the BOMB!

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