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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Magnetize me

All last week in Utah, everywhere we went there were magnet boards for sale. They're obviously very trendy there, and since I hate a cluttered fridge front too, I must have one. (Plus, it'll likely be years before they make it out to Illinois - what a trendsetter I'll be!)

I held off from buying one - I was so strong! ... mostly because I couldn't justify the $50 sale price, plus the cost of shipping it home. I knew this had to be something I could come up with myself.

And sure enough, through the magical power of the internets, I've found a super-easy and inexpensive tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets, even I can follow! GO HERE.

Now I have even more of a reason to make the bubble magnets I blogged about in April. And I'll definitely have to make some of these a la Martha, (but as magnets) in a few months.

This is going to look great in my dining room mud room...


tiburon said...

Hooray for the internets and for magnet boards! :)

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