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Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's a...

We're completely over the moon!

OF COURSE we already have some ideas for names
(As Brian would say, "There's a spreadsheet..."),
And we're definitely on the lookout for a few more...
Our plan is to go to the hospital with some names in mind
(to see what will best suit the baby),
but it'll be a surprise to all of you until the happy day arrives.

Accepting any and all name ideas in the comments below...


Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Ok, I feel like I'm stalking you now, but I had to check one more time before I went to bed and it's a BOY!!! Congrats. I am so excited for you guys. Boys are SO much fun...and I can speak from expereince! (And belive me, you'll spend a lot less $ on a baby boy then a baby girl...there are always like 35 racks of girl clothes and 2 racks of boy clothes at stores!!). I don't have any names to throw in the hat right now, but if I think of any I'll be sure to share! Congrats again!

Christy said...

YAY! I love the names Max, Peter, & Henry... I will think of more.

tiburon said...


I would have bet my hands it was a girl!!


I am so excited for you.

Have you considered Tiburon for a name? It is pretty unisex.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Congrats Aimee! That is exciting!

ps. oh Tib...nice try. ;)

Poage Perspective said...

Yipee, I was right!
How about Gareth, Gideon or Gaston?
What are your tastes? Something biblical, Gaelic, traditional, or new age. How about moon, storm, wind or tree? Or how about a last name like Harrison or Jackson?

ray said...

My vote is for Rick, Mick, Vic, Nick or Dick. Oh, and amen to the birkmeyer comment, although you'll spend more on furniture, window and china replacements and e.r. visits.

Nate and Kelly said...

HOORAY!! I'm so excited for you-- boys are the best! :) oh, how wonderful...

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