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Monday, October 20, 2008

At Emily's request...

Here are the links you were looking for... full episodes of "The Office" from this season:
  1. "Weight Loss" - go here.
  2. "Business Ethics" - go here.
  3. "Baby Shower" - go here.
Also, they've posted another deleted scene from last week's "Baby Shower" episode... it's just so beautiful - go here.

And Em, just for the record... I would say that this 30-minute segment of pure hilarity every Thursday night, is most definitely plug-in-the-television worthy. ;)



Christy said...

Deleted scene was heelarious!

Even though it is not at all the same thing it reminded me of a story Simon told me the other day. He said that 2 of the women at his office go into the women's restroom on their lunch break so they can pump milk (there is a couch in the apparently) and some other women in the office complained about it... what a freak.

Emily said...


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