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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh, how I've missed this!

Thank goodness for Tivo!! It's taken priority since I've returned from my trip... because it only has 40 hours worth of space, while the computer/e-mail/Google Reader space is a bit more limitless.

Here's your 2-minute replay of the Best.Show.Ever.:

Em - you can watch the full episode here. Unless you did the SMART thing and plugged in that TV already. However do you survive??

Too bad this week's episode will be preempted by Mrs. Palin likely putting her foot in her mouth again. How I wish we had better options this election!!


Christy said...

That was a dang funny episode! LOVE IT! Do you watch Grey's?

Emily said...

Ah, my life is complete once again!!! And SO happy that they didn't drag out the proposal.
(yes, I did plug in our t.v. AND! Let's be fair now...I've heard Biden put his foot in his mouth JUST as many times as Palin! The bias media just won't report on it! But...I agree...sad, sad choices we have).

Aimee said...

Christy - I do watch Grey's... though the season opener was a bit ridiculous! An icicle? Seriously?

Em - So happy you've come away from the dark side and plugged in that TV! I know Biden's had plenty of mis-steps... it's just that she won't stand a chance against him in the debate. I wish McCain had chosen a stronger running mate. She's a great example for women everywhere, but not exactly who I want a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Sadly, I put all my hopes on McCain picking a GREAT mate... and now, I'm not so sure.

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