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Friday, September 05, 2008

I *Heart* Fall

Today it didn't get above 70 degrees here... and I wore LONG-SLEEVES! Yes, it was glorious!

I really can't wait for the cooler weather... for all the leaves to start changing... for brisk walks in the evenings... and for the smell of fall in the air. I even pulled out all my seasonals today, I just couldn't wait! :) Poor Brian's going to be looking at pumpkins for the next three months... yeah, he'll survive.

One of the best parts of this fall will be my trip to Utah in a couple of weeks. To say I'm a "little excited" would be a complete understatement... I.can.hardly.wait! Not only will I be able to see the gorgeous mountains I miss so much, but they'll be covered in beautiful fall colors. I'll get to shop (just the window variety, B ;) at some of the places I miss (like here, here, and here). And most importantly, I'll get to see family, including my mom who'll be in town at the same time, and so many old and new friends (like you, you, you, and you!) that I haven't seen in YEARS (or ever).

Just a little over two weeks...
Yep, I'm like a little kid at Christmas.


Jiles Pfamily said...

horay for fall! we are excited to see you.

Christy said...

I love fall and spring but I HATE that season that comes between them.

tiburon said...



Nate and Kelly said...

can't wait to see you and talk about rearranging furniture! :) heehee...

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