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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recent Read

I picked up this book at the library on a recommendation of my good friend, Emily... and it did not disappoint! I laughed, I cried... I really couldn't put it down. I have a new appreciation for those early settlers and all they went through so long ago. This book is the first of a trilogy with Sarah's Quilt and The Star Garden. I'm anxious to pick up the other two at the library soon!

These is my Words
by Nancy E. Turner

From Publishers Weekly
Based on the real-life exploits of the author's great-grandmother, this fictionalized diary vividly details one woman's struggles with life and love in frontier Arizona at the end of the last century. When she begins recording her life, Sarah Prine is an intelligent, headstrong 18-year-old capable of holding her own on her family's settlement near Tucson. Her skill with a rifle fends off a constant barrage of Indian attacks and outlaw assaults. It also attracts a handsome Army captain named Jack Elliot. By the time she's 21, Sarah has recorded her loveless marriage to a family friend, the establishment of a profitable ranch, the birth of her first child?and the death of her husband. The love between Jack and Sarah, which dominates the rest of the tale, has begun to blossom. Fragmented and disjointed in its early chapters, with poor spelling and grammar, Sarah's journal gradually gains in clarity and eloquence as she matures. While this device may frustrate some readers at first, Taylor's deft progression produces the intended reward: she not only tells of her heroine's growth, but she shows it through Sarah's writing and insights. The result is a compelling portrait of an enduring love, the rough old West and a memorable pioneer.

Next up on the nightstand?
The latest novel from another one of my favorites, Jennifer Weiner - Certain Girls.
She's best known for her book, In Her Shoes (which became a movie starring Cameron Diaz & Toni Collette).


Anonymous said...

YEAH! I'm so glad you liked it!!! I'm reading "Sarah's Quilt" right now & am enjoying it.

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