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Friday, July 25, 2008

Public Service Announcement

To all pedestrians out there, particularly those in store parking lots:

The shortest distance when walking in front of my car is a straight line... not a diagonal line... not a curvy line. There is no excuse for you as a human being if you choose to walk in the same direction I'm driving... right in front of my car... especially when you saw me there before you started walking. Just because I stopped to allow you to cross in front of me, does not mean I'll be happy if you make me follow you like this for several dozen yards. I will make certain allowances for people with small children or the elderly who are clearly having a hard time walking period. If you look able-bodied to me and you're being stupid, then the sign applies.

Annoyed beyond belief


tiburon said...

If you hit a whole family that is double points. Just.saying.

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