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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Organic schmanic

Here in the Sprik household, we haven't yet subscribed to an organic-only lifestyle... because, who can actually afford it? We've got pesticides and chemicals coursing through our veins for the time being, but maybe that will change once we have children to feed.

I found a great list here of the foods that you should and shouldn't buy organic. It also lists foods in their order of pesticide loads. Check it out...


Christy said...

I buy all organic animal products... after reading fast food nation and especially after taking micro. I don't buy a whole lot of organic produce but organic bananas taste a lot better than the non organic ones. I bought the tastiest organic peaches the other day... I hadn't had a good peach in so long. I am thinking of trying the Feingold diet for my oldest son though which will mean a lot more natural and homemade goods.

tiburon said...

I hate the organic stuff. I think it tastes too earthy. Especially eggs

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