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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday Wishin'

Today I wish that one of these:

would move into the neighborhood to take care of these:

Sounds horribly cruel, I know... but we have a serious overpopulation issue over here! Today alone I saw 6 as roadkill on my way out of the subdivision... and they were fresh. I'd much rather see them be part of the food chain, than as speed bumps. I know they look innocent enough, but they do so much damage to the landscaping... there's too many of them now, so they're getting desperate for food and eating the plants they're not supposed to like.

One of these days, I'm afraid Brian's going to think he can teach them a lesson with his BB gun! Because if he shoots at one of them, they're sure to run back and tell the rest of their bunny friends to avoid the Sprik lot. Instead he'll just scare the neighbor kids, and make Redneck think he needs to pull his own rifle off the gun rack to protect his homestead.


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