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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wednesday Wishin'

I lurve fresh sweet corn. I don't lurve fresh sweet corn stuck in my teeth or juices dribbling down my chin... I'm a messy enough eater as it is, just ask Brian.

I also lurve new kitchen gadgets - you know, the things you see in the store, decide they're awesome enough to buy, use once, and then forget they're in the drawer? (Yeah, I got lots of those!)

Well, since I tend to eat fresh sweet corn way more than once a year, and since we already have the corn dishes, the corn holders, and the butter dispenser, what's one more corn gadget?? Since I often cut the corn off the cob, this new gadget will just make it all that much easier.

Check out this super easy CROCKPOT recipe for corn on the cob here.


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