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Monday, June 09, 2008

There's no place like home...

Check out this amateur video of a twister, captured about 50 miles from our house...

I'm sorry, but these people were idiots to be standing outside and watching for so long. They're lucky it wasn't headed their way, because they probably wouldn't have found appropriate shelter fast enough.

The night of the major storms here in the Midwest, we didn't see any action at our house... just some wind, dark skies, and a few sprinkles. My dad called to see how we were faring since he had been watching the news at his house in Arizona (the land of no weather). When we said, "Fine, just fine," his comment was, "Well, aren't you watching the news?!?" And I chuckled and thought, "Don't you realize who I'm married to??" ;)

My husband is a weather enthusiast. If our television was tuned only to the Weather Channel, 24/7, he would be perfectly content. Brian's dream job is to be a weatherman. Not an Al Roker type, who just stands there reading a teleprompter and looking pretty, but a full-fledged Weather Channel Jim Cantore type. One time, Brian expressed interest in going on a storm chasing tour. Hmmm... I can think of more fun ways to die, so I voted no.

I think I've got all the tunes on the Weather Channel memorized. They used to annoy me, but now I just smile and think about blogging...


tiburon said...

OH MY GOSH! That was freaky to watch. I would be willing to bet that I have nightmares about that tonight. My biggest weather fear is a tornado!!

EEK!! That was freaky to watch (I know I already said that, but I needed to reiterate!)

Christy said...

I think it's a man thing. Any time there is a horrible thunder storm (you remember the doozies we get here) Simon goes and stands out on the porch and tries to beckon me to join him. No thanks.

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