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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scare tactics

Southwest is not my favorite airline. They don't have the cheapest fares anymore, and you have to go directly to their website to see their fares anyway (snobs). They don't fly out of O'Hare, only Midway. Their flight attendants are not as funny as they think they are. And finally, I don't like flying like a bunch of cattle - everyone rushing to get in line to get a good seat on the plane (I know they've tried to remedy that situation with their new line system, but there's still too much of the livestock thing happening once you're on board).

Brian flew to Norfolk, VA this week... on Southwest. He took the aisle seat in a row with a guy already in the window seat. As people are filing on board, salivating over where they're going to plop down, the light bulb turned on above Brian's head. He leaned over to his row-mate, and said, "Let's both look BIG and lean into the middle seat." Nobody chose their row to sit in. (Of course this would only work on flights that aren't overbooked, as most Southwest flights are.) Good job, sweetie!


tiburon said...

I love Southwest. Their flight attendants do fancy themselves comediens though. I remember one flight where they did all the announcements then said "If there is ANYTHING that would make your flight more enjoyable - PLEASE - feel free to get up and get it yourself"

That cracked me up!

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