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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rocket Science

It probably wouldn't make a huge difference, but wouldn't it be great if every driver in America were quizzed on this simple idea when their license came up for renewal? (As illustrated by the Los Angeles Times - please click to enlarge.)

Maneuvering through traffic, driving past an accident, and being a conscientious driver really isn't rocket science. Sometimes you have to PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE... or at the very least, use a headset for goodness sakes! As my father's daughter, it bugs me to no end the number of idiots out there that somehow passed their drivers' exams. (I'm not saying that the elderly woman was an "idiot"... she was just confused... and probably shouldn't have been driving anyway. Wait a sec - what elderly woman driver needs to be warned of cops in the vicinity???)

Traffic here in Chicagoland is horrendous! We're so grateful that Brian is able to hop on a commuter train that takes him to his downtown job in 40 minutes, on the days he goes into the office. His commute to the horrible job of the past used to be 100 miles roundtrip and would take over 3 hours daily. So, we definitely love Metra now, especially with gas prices where they are!


tiburon said...

Doesn't suprise me one bit that the newspaper clipping is someone in UTAH!! We have the WORST drivers here.

And I always get stuck behind the king of the idiots.

Christy said...

Bad drivers are a real challenge to my anger management issues. I think people should have to retake their driver's test every couple of years when they get to a certain age... I like the idea of some kind of written test for the rest of the population at renewal time. So many people don't know what right-of-way is all about. I HATE that the public transport in Houston is so bad.

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