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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nobody puts Baby in a corner...

Yesterday, I made a quick run to the local library for some more reading materials. The lovely librarians had already pulled my books for me, so it was going to be a fast in and out.

I approached the desk, noticed that management was attempting new methods of order, and saw a sign that pointed to where the line for check-out was to begin. I was the first one waiting when a caveman gentleman with his children in tow approached me and asked if I was waiting in line. (I really don't like obvious questions... Bill Engvall called them stupid.) Not wanting to make a snarky comment, I simply and kindly pointed to the sign above me with a friendly smile on my face. Next thing I hear: "WOMAN, I asked you a question!" (Did I mention, that in my opinion, he appeared to be from this region of the world?) Still smiling, I replied, "I was trying to help you be a little less ignorant," and moved forward to the desk of a grinning librarian.

Someone may argue that it was a cultural norm for him to treat me this way... oppressive, subservient, less than. He was lucky my inner Rosie didn't try to school him on how this country, the one in which he's currently residing, treats women!


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