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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mark your calendars!

A very cute, very funny show has its season premiere next Thursday, and you're totally going to miss out if you don't watch it!

Here's a brief synopsis:
MY BOYS is a fresh, contemporary comedy set in Chicago, about friends helping friends through the dating game and life’s challenges. In the cliffhanger at the end of the first season, PJ was hopping on a plane with her friend Stephanie (Stewart) for a double-date trip to Rome. PJ invited some potential companions on this trip and just before take-off, she receives a message that her date is waiting for her in first class. Her mystery companion could be one of three guys: globe-trotting reporter Thorn Packer (Jeremy Sisto); botanist Evan (Michael Landes); or Cubs player Mitt Dougan (Travis Schuldt). It could even be one of her close male friends, such as Bobby (Howard) or Brendan (Scott), given her previous – albeit brief – romantic entanglements with each of them. Once the mystery is solved, PJ and her date join Stephanie and her boyfriend for what they hope will be a fun-filled excursion through Rome. Whether the fun times will continue when they return to U.S. shores remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, PJ’s brother, Andy (Gaffigan), moves back to the city after he and his now-pregnant wife decide they’ve had enough of suburban life. That means Andy will be around for the weekly poker games in PJ’s apartment. They are joined by their close-knit group of friends: Brendan a DJ, who is coming off of just being named one of Chicago’s hottest bachelors; Kenny (Bunin), who recently dated a pregnant woman; Mike (Kaler), who finally found a job working at Kenny’s sports memorabilia store; and Bobby, who faces being viewed differently now that his friends know he’s incredibly wealthy.

Stephanie, PJ’s best friend from when they attended journalism school together, finished the first season on an upswing. After having struggled through a credit crisis, she landed a new boyfriend in the person of Lance (Schuyler Yancey), her credit counselor. Now the two are heading to Rome for a dream vacation with PJ and her mystery man.
We've watched it the past 2 seasons, and it never fails to disappoint. Gaffigan is always hilarious, and the way the characters all relate to each other is hysterical. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the show highlights Chicago in such a great way.

Check out "My Boys" on TBS, June 12, 8:30pm Central.


Scott said...

I'm gonna go see Gaffigan in August I think.

Aimee said...

Lucky Boy! We were almost going to see him here...

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