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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Knock, Knock...

Who's there?
Cantaloupe who?
Cantaloupe with you tonight!

In my college days, I had a 2-week stint as a salad prep girl at Deseret Towers, before I moved on to a bigger and better job as a telemarketer. While being a cafeteria lady at DT, I learned all kinds of tricks... that I've since forgotten. However, when I saw this how-to video, memories of cantaloupe came flooding back to me! Here's how to quickly cut and peel a cantaloupe, in case you were wondering:

(As seen on My First Kitchen.)


Christy said...

I have to say that I pity this Katie person who doesn't know how to cut up a cantelope... also the way this lady cut it seems way more complicated than the normal way of just cutting it in half and then scooping out the innards and then slicing it and peeling the slices (if you want them peeled).

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