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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Just can't get enough!!

Well, that's it... we're completely done for! We visited twice over the weekend, and have plans for another visit later this week (because I don't like leaving without scheduling the next appointment)!

A Red Mango shop opened near us, and we're in LOVE and never going to break up (unless they keep running out of the mini dark chocolate chips... and in that case, I'll probably just bring my own)!!

I went there, completely objective. After all, I had grown up on the taste-free (IMHO) TCBY. Quite simply, Red Mango is nacho momma's frozen yogurt... it's better! Oh, so much better!!

I know, it's completely trendy and a little young for us in there... but we can't resist. We will return again, and again, and again... (you get the picture).


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