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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jump on the bandwagon...

Mahvelous Mindi is hosting an island-themed giveaway on her always hilarious blog, Word to Your Mother. Enter here.

(P.S. If you win, and I don't... I'm writing you out of my will.)


Mindi said...

i wuv you. really.

thanks for the shoutout. 2 for you!

ray said...

Aim, anything island-themed you want, I can get for you. Just let me know. You can get that stuff at Walmart here. Better yet, come get it yourself, eh??

tiburon said...

screw that! I am sick of entering her contests only to win NOTHING.

I am boycotting.

Oh, who am I kidding - I am all over it. The promise of free lettuce wraps is too powerful.

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