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Friday, June 06, 2008

Another show you should be watching

I heart interior design. One of my dream jobs has always been to be a designer, but since that hasn't happened yet, I'll happily live vicariously through some of my favorite design shows on TV.

For me, Trading Spaces and all the other copycat shows have gotten really tired. Seems like each episode (if I haven't already seen it), is just about the same thing they pulled off two years ago, and I love seeing fresh stuff! Designers fresh from art school or their own quirky design shops across the country are the ones whose perspectives I enjoy more than the same old TV decorators you can find week after week on TLC or HGTV.

We love a good, actual-competition-talent-based reality show here at the Sprik house. As far as design goes, my personal favorite is Bravo's Top Design. Only one season has aired, but supposedly a second season is in the works. Hearing Jonathan Adler say, "See you later, Decorator!" with a cheeky grin (meant to be sympathetic) as contestants are asked to leave the show, makes me chuckle every time.

This Sunday, the third season of HGTV's Design Star is premiering, and I highly recommend that you check it out! Basically, the contestants are competing for their own design show on HGTV. I thoroughly enjoyed the past two seasons, and I'm sure this upcoming one won't disappoint. With Cynthia Rowley and Vern Yip as two of the judges, you really can't go wrong.


tiburon said...

I couldn't design my way out of a wet paper bag! All the Trading Spaces type shows got really tired once we were on one. The mystery was gone.

I have never watched Design Star - I will have to check it out!

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