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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why are you holding that brick up to your ear?

So, at one point during my 3-hour long O'Hare parking lot experience on Saturday, I notice something funny about the old man sitting in front of me in 16B. The pilot had encouraged us to use our cell phones so as not to incite a riot onboard, and I see this skinny stick telescoping above the ear of the guy in front of me. What?? Is that an antenna?? On your cell phone?? You've got to be kidding me! I can't believe there's a cell phone network that a phone with an antenna would still work on.

If that wasn't funny enough, the girl directly across the aisle from him in 16D pulls out her iPhone and proceeds to check the weather radar (see, we were all trapped in a metal tube in the middle of a very flat runway field while the worst storm of the year so far raged around us). Completely bewildered, the old guy turns to her and asks, "What's that?" Apparently he had never seen an iPhone before, and didn't understand what she was doing with it. As she explained her new-fangled technology, I noticed his eyes kinda glass over and brain fluid started seeping out his ear.

Or maybe he was just a skeevy old man hitting on a much younger woman?? I dunno. Regardless, it was a funny exchange! It was like an Atari meeting an Wii.


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