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Friday, May 23, 2008

Packing punishment

This news is REDICUROUS!

Apparently, American Airlines has decided that in order to recoup their costs due to high oil prices, they will begin charging $15 for the FIRST checked bag.

Don't they realize that this is only going to force people to abuse the carry-on policy even further? As a tall girl, I cannot sit in one of those seats with my bag under the seat in front of me. I could understand wanting to charge money for the SECOND checked bag, but nickel-and-diming for the first bag... if you go anywhere longer than a few days, you have to bring a bag that won't fit in the overhead compartments. Grrrr!

Isn't it bad enough that you cram too many people into uncomfortable seats, and virtually hold them hostage at your whim if there are delays? Haven't you already jacked up your fares this year? Aren't you overselling every single flight as it is?

So, if you lose my bag, will you refund my $15, and PAY ME for my troubles??


Christy said...

It makes me want to bite someone.

tiburon said...

That is a bunch of crap. This is their way of sticking it to the parents of the world. I challenge anyone with children to travel without checking something.

I am glad I live in a Delta hub

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