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Monday, May 05, 2008

Must Have Monday

This week's Must Have Monday item is a rice cooker.

Seriously, why are you still making rice on the stove? And don't even think about making Minute Rice - that's cheater's rice right there!

We started our married life with a $15 cheap-o Salton model. It did the job as long as you didn't need to clean the whole bowl out to be fed - rice stuck like mad to the sides and was a beast to clean. My parents gifted us with this fancy new model for Christmas and we love it! It cooks and steams our rice like a dream.

Every time I pull out my rice cooker, I remember the Japanese roommate I had in Provo, Yoshiko. The girl did not speak a word of English or spend much time outside of her master suite. No kidding - she hardly ever stepped foot outside of her bedroom. But, I suppose there was really no need for her to leave... she apparently had all she needed within that 200 sq. feet of space - in one corner of her room she had her rice cooker set-up, along with bottles of soy sauce and ketchup. I bet this is her Must Have Monday item, too.

Ray had an interesting post about rice last week... check it out here.


ray said...

can't find rice. Rice! Where's the rice! Vision blurring, walls closing in...must..have.......rice!

seriously, I bought a 15 lbs bag of rice for $12.88. The world is crazy!

Christy said...

Weird people stories make me happy.

I had never heard of these new fangled rice cookers until we got invited to a Mexican wedding and it was on the registry... now, as with all kitchen gadgets, I want one.

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