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Monday, May 12, 2008

"I can't believe you're here!"

Three years ago today, a very nervous girl picked up a handsome boy at the Phoenix airport, and drove him directly to In-N-Out Burger for their first official face-to-face date.

Not sure how many of you know this, but they first met online.
See, Aimgrrl was tired and weary of the online dating scene at the time, so she made Brian72 talk to her on instant messenger and the phone for nearly two months before they would meet in person.

Pretty sure she was worth the wait! And, she's since forgiven him for being such a big spender on their first date - less than $9.

It was love at first sight, and they lived happily ever after...


Karen said...

You guys are so cute, I'm glad you found each other too!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found each other too!
Mom Sprik

Christy said...

That is so fun! My oldest brother met his wife online too.

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!

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