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Friday, May 30, 2008

Gas guzzler

Isn't it pathetic that when I saw gas at $4.04 near me the other day, I thought, "Wow! That's cheap!"

Did you know that for every two minutes a car is idling, it uses about the same amount of fuel it takes to go about one mile?

Contrary to ancient beliefs, the modern car engine doesn't use more gas when it has to be restarted.

Wow - a way to help the environment *and* save money! Me likey!!

So, the next time you're waiting to pick someone up, or sitting in the parking lot that is traffic, maybe you might consider shutting your engine off?

With the current cost of gas here in Illinois, the situation has definitely caused us to rethink frivolous errand running and to consider which car to take out (one is comfortable and less efficient, the other is not very comfortable and more efficient).

Check out the interactive gas prices heat map posted below. How much is gas near you?

Illinois Gas Prices provided by GasBuddy.com
Click here to add this map to your website.


Christy said...

It makes me glad I have a Civic... my next car will be a hybrid.

tiburon said...

It is SICK AND WRONG! I am walking so many more places now and consolidating all my trips. I am so not looking forward to driving to Canada this summer!

ray said...

I think it's sad that i know what all those 3 lettered acronyms stand for, although there is the rated R versions and the PG-13 versions.

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