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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fun times

Cutest. Kids. Ever.

I had so much fun in Denver this past weekend!!

Andi & Darrin have the most adorable children!
Cade is a goofy little genius, Emma is a witty drama queen, and Dane is the most chill and content baby I've ever seen. There was a lot of crazy dress-up and sometimes no outfits at all (much to our surprise), so I've "clothed" the pics to protect from painful embarrassment later!
They're all growing up so fast!

A moment that still makes me chuckle:
While we were comparing notes late one night, Andi and I heard an out-of-her-bed-for-the-gazillionth-time Emma say, "You guys don't have to whisper, I'm right here!"

We also fit in a much needed hair appointment (courtesy of the Math Whiz of Von Curtis Academy), a mini-Windsor Park reunion with Old Mr. Hansen, a girls' night out with Dr. McDreamy (thanks, Darrin), some MAN-made, homemade whole wheat bread (a la Darrin), and the birth of a blog!

Thank you, Butterys, for a WONDERFUL time! :)


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