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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Freckles! I got so many answers to your question, I wouldn't even know where to start."

I was a big fan of Lost the first two seasons... they had me at hello with the crazy storylines, people appearing and disappearing, the flashbacks to the past to help explain the characters, etc. Then they started focusing on too much of the supernatural and unexplained... ghosts, monsters, and the like, and I lost interest for awhile. But I still followed the main storylines in print, so I've always had the general gist of what was going on.

With the writers' strike this year, I decided to give it another try (plus it was on when nothing else was for a bit), and I have not been disappointed!

I imagine the Lost writers to be this club I'd want to be a part of - a bunch of people hanging out, creating this intricate storyline, giving us small glimpses each week like puzzle pieces, and discussing just how they're going to mess with our heads next!

This season they've started flashing forward to the lives of the Oceanic Six, since they've been rescued. The only problem is that they're flashing forward out of order, and each week, you're being given more of the puzzle, but it's up to you to assemble it. Which can be a tad confusing!

And then I found this goody online... whichever Lostie took the time to mash this, thank you!!!

Parts 1-3 of this season's finale air on ABC tomorrow night!


Christy said...

I am SO addicted to LOST... I hate season finales... they make me sad.

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