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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Errr... surprise!!

As I write this post, it's only Friday (May 9th), but I've got a big surprise in the works for my Mom for Mothers' Day!

(I heart the new Blogger Scheduler feature! In fact, I've got quite a few posts already written and in the can for next week. Can't risk posting this one today, and ruining the surprise, on the off-chance Mom reads the blog over the weekend!)

By the time this posts on Sunday, I will have already walked through her door in Scottsdale and surprised my Mom with an unplanned house guest for a week!
It's a good thing she loves me, and I've been told that I'm the easiest person to live with (Thanks, Andi - sorry, Darrin!), so it shouldn't be too bad!

Hence, my posts might be light next week... depends on how much the fam entertains me. Scott and Erik - you are on notice - you HAVE to hang out with your older sister while she's in town! I will also get to meet my new niece, Maddy (she's just about 4.5 weeks old), and spend time with my sister. Brian's told me to have an In-n-Out burger on his behalf... yessir!

On a related note, I'm grateful for the many hours Brian has suffered in airports and airplanes to make this trip possible... gotta love frequent flyer tickets!!


Christy said...

I surprised my mom like that once... it was fun and scary.

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